Sustainability Sunday #69

Bordeaux: the land of steak, wine and surprisingly, sustainability...


Sustainability Sunday #68

Sustainable fashion makes an appearance at London Fashion Week; times are changing.

Sustainability Sunday #67

Education from the sofa. This is the first weekend in while that I've had nothing to do. Of course, I absolutely suck at doing nothing so yes I have spent some time cleaning the house, cooking a new recipe and catching up on some reading but I also sat down on both Friday and Saturday... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #66

Did your V-day kill some trees?What did you do this Valentine's Day? Did you buy or receive some flowers? Did you go out or stay in with a yummy dinner? Did you have some cute little chocolates, with love hearts on? If you indulged in the chocky, do you know where it came from? We've... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #65

Make yourself an influencer. In honour of her birthday today, this week's post features my wonderful best friend and housemate Emma. Emma is smart, knowledgeable and generally isn't afraid to share her opinion on things. However, one thing she will confess to knowing not much about is the environment and more specifically the every day... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #64

FASHION SVP: THE DL Every year the Fashion SVP apparel sourcing event takes place in Kensington Olympia, London. From an outsiders perspective I feel like this event goes a little under the radar yet it's one of the most on-trend events I've attended. As well as the trade show exhibits from international fashion producers, suppliers... Continue Reading →

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