Sustainability Sunday #45

Sustainably swirly chocolate treats! After last week's post I'm taking a more lighthearted and practical intermission this week: a 'how to' for some 100% organic orangey chocolatey goodness 😋 These are made with absolutely everything organic so super good for the environment and super tasty in your belly! Ingredients: Puff pastry - using 250g organic... Continue Reading →


Sustainability Sunday #44

Where there's a whale there's a way... I remember my first visit to London's Natural History Museum. A most magical place for children and adults alike, full of information for a hungry mind and what more astounding greeting could there be for a 9-year-old than the enormous skeleton of a creature extinct for centuries? This... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #43

A spectacularly sustainable swimwear special! For those of you who might have missed my Instagram this week, I've been on holiday 😏  however the blues are kicking in ASAP as it's back to the grind tomorrow. For those of you lucky enough to have a holiday still booked for this summer and you're looking for... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #41

Let's go shopping!! Deep down, despite the pain of spending money we should really be saving for rent, the annoyance of walking behind people who travel at the speed of a snail and despite having to push and shove the hangers in our wardrobes to fit new things in, we all love shopping. But for... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #40

Slather on the Sustainable Sunscreen this Summer! It pleases me greatly to be writing this from the garden table at my parents house, nestled in the countryside of Northamptonshire listening to the birds sing, bees whizz by and seeing the washing blowing on the line. And it's damn hot I tell you. I have myself... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #39

"Oh I do like to be beside the sea"  Don't we all hey? Whether it's throwing pebbles and poking sticks in rock pools on the Cornish coast or dipping our toes in the lapping waters on a beach in Greece, we all love to be beside the sea.  But what if those lapping waters by... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #38

World Environment Day: Flora, Fauna & Fashion The annual World Environment Day, on 5th June, is the world's biggest event for celebrating nature. Since the event first started in 1972, global citizens have organized thousands of action and awareness activities, from neighbourhood clean-ups to replanting forests. It's an important day for remembering and spreading awareness for... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #37

Reusable hydration is in!  The weather's hotting up here in London and the ever-caring TFL have started releasing tannoy notifications on tubes and buses to make sure you always carry a bottle of water in the heat.  Every year, on average each person in the UK uses 170 disposable plastic bottles. Not only does it... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #36

International Biodiversity Day 2017 - why we need sustainable tourism to protect biodiversity Each year the UN tie a theme to the International Day of Biodiversity, falling on 22nd May each year, to help us identify the importance of our impact on the environment. This year's theme is sustainable tourism. Tourism notoriously has a negative... Continue Reading →

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