Sustainability Sunday #78

Organic Beauty: a few tips.We have reached the end of Organic Beauty Week, a celebration of true organic beauty products championed by The Soil Association so that you can find out what your products are really made of. As consumers we are more health and beauty conscious than before, but with this we’re more sustainably... Continue Reading →


Sustainability Sunday #77

ANYONE can learn about sustainability I studied Environmental Science at university, and even went on to complete a Masters in Environmental Management and this is where I learnt a lot about sustainability, the environment and the importance of protecting the planet. I knew that it was important before this, but understanding the horrific impacts of... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #72

Water for all!The global issues surrounding water is something we're all getting a little more educated around. We know that the enormous volume of plastic water bottles we buy and discard globally is appalling, we know that there are still nations across our world without access to clean water and we know that in the... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #67

Education from the sofa. This is the first weekend in while that I've had nothing to do. Of course, I absolutely suck at doing nothing so yes I have spent some time cleaning the house, cooking a new recipe and catching up on some reading but I also sat down on both Friday and Saturday... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #65

Make yourself an influencer. In honour of her birthday today, this week's post features my wonderful best friend and housemate Emma. Emma is smart, knowledgeable and generally isn't afraid to share her opinion on things. However, one thing she will confess to knowing not much about is the environment and more specifically the every day... Continue Reading →

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