Sustainability Sunday #60

Hold up, the Middle East are actually thinking about sustainability. I know, right?!


Sustainability Sunday #58

POSITIVE PART II This week I'm continuing last week's positive vibe with another thing I'm thankful for: the availability of organic and Fairtrade products! Specifically this week I'm talking about baking ingredients. Despite the economic downturn and the increasing popularity of budget supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi it seems that the population of the UK... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #45

Sustainably swirly chocolate treats! After last week's post I'm taking a more lighthearted and practical intermission this week: a 'how to' for some 100% organic orangey chocolatey goodness 😋 These are made with absolutely everything organic so super good for the environment and super tasty in your belly! Ingredients: Puff pastry - using 250g organic... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #30

Your guide to an Ethical Easter! Easter used to be an exciting time for my brother and I, with Grandparents that have a spare room full of boxes of Roses, Jelly Babies and Fox's chocolate biscuits they're the kind of people who love to go wild on Easter, choosing the biggest eggs given with big... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #26

We kinda need to chill out on eating meat... I am basically in love with burgers (especially you, Honest Burgers) but I also love nature and the planet we live on. We are now on a serious trajectory to a climate in which everything changes, and as most of you already know, we as individuals... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #25

Fairtrade Fortnight - show your support for people who give us some of the best things in life. As the great and wise Martin Luther King said "before you've finished your breakfast in the morning you've already depended on half the world." In the online button clicking,  fast food delivering and 24-hour opening world we... Continue Reading →

Midweek Menu

Homemade Ice-Cream. Yes, in winter, genius right?!  I am not a fan of all the Valentine's Day hype, I don't believe that romance and love should be displayed just for one day by 10 chocolates for which the box cost you more than the actual treat. I'm not disputing with people who like to indulge... Continue Reading →

Midweek Menu

When healthy January leaves you craving pizza, switch dough for cauliflower... Cauliflower?! I know right, a controversial vegetable that many, like me, had to grow into. That unpleasant pungent smell when cooking, the broccoli shape but parsnip colour and the large number of leaves that make you wonder whether you've bought a cabbage are all... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #19

I can't stop thinking about food. I'm not sure what it is, whether it's the physical shock of not continuing the Christmas grazing or whether I'm subconsciously super pleased with myself for committing (more or less) to a much healthier diet than I was maintaining at the end of last year. Since the New Year,... Continue Reading →

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