Sustainability Sunday #54

5 tips on how to be a #sustainable #basicbitch this fall.


Sustainability Sunday #50

LONDON FASHION WEEK!! I love London, and I love fashion (I really do, even though it's so damn bad sometimes) and I especially love the buzz that you can feel when London Fashion Week kicks off. London is a major fashion capital and is the ultimate destination to see and be seen. I've got those... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #43

A spectacularly sustainable swimwear special! For those of you who might have missed my Instagram this week, I've been on holiday 😏  however the blues are kicking in ASAP as it's back to the grind tomorrow. For those of you lucky enough to have a holiday still booked for this summer and you're looking for... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #37

Reusable hydration is in!  The weather's hotting up here in London and the ever-caring TFL have started releasing tannoy notifications on tubes and buses to make sure you always carry a bottle of water in the heat.  Every year, on average each person in the UK uses 170 disposable plastic bottles. Not only does it... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #35

Copenhagen Fashion Summit: in review. Have we got commitment to change? In response to the planet’s growing population, expected to exceed 8.5 billion by 2030, garment production will increase by 63%. In light of this, this year's Copenhagen Fashion Summit gave one key call to action: asking fashion brands and retailers to adopt circular systems. A circular... Continue Reading →

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