Sustainability Sunday #62

17 is my unlucky number... 18 has to be better!


Sustainability Sunday #56

Introducing: Coca-Cola and X-Rays from Sonya Vajifdar The world of sustainable fashion is beginning to bloom, designers committed to the cause are continually looking for sustainable and ethical alternatives to fabrics. We’ve seen the introduction of Piñatex™, Lyocell and Bamboo, all overtaking the ever-derided hemp. Now, we’ve got brands like Timberland bringing us Thread X... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #50

LONDON FASHION WEEK!! I love London, and I love fashion (I really do, even though it's so damn bad sometimes) and I especially love the buzz that you can feel when London Fashion Week kicks off. London is a major fashion capital and is the ultimate destination to see and be seen. I've got those... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #43

A spectacularly sustainable swimwear special! For those of you who might have missed my Instagram this week, I've been on holiday 😏  however the blues are kicking in ASAP as it's back to the grind tomorrow. For those of you lucky enough to have a holiday still booked for this summer and you're looking for... Continue Reading →

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