Sustainability Sunday #63

Will we end up on the Moon?How global warming affects our view of the stars.


Sustainability Sunday #58

POSITIVE PART II This week I'm continuing last week's positive vibe with another thing I'm thankful for: the availability of organic and Fairtrade products! Specifically this week I'm talking about baking ingredients. Despite the economic downturn and the increasing popularity of budget supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi it seems that the population of the UK... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #57

"It's the simple things", "baby steps" and other encouraging mottos... Lately I’ve been thinking how easy it is to complain about something before you take a step back and try to feel grateful about something else. Trying to turn “Urgh my bus is 3 minutes late” into “I’m lucky to live somewhere with such great... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #56

Introducing: Coca-Cola and X-Rays from Sonya Vajifdar The world of sustainable fashion is beginning to bloom, designers committed to the cause are continually looking for sustainable and ethical alternatives to fabrics. We’ve seen the introduction of Piñatex™, Lyocell and Bamboo, all overtaking the ever-derided hemp. Now, we’ve got brands like Timberland bringing us Thread X... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #55

A snapshot of sustainability in Torino Thanks to RyanAir's regular flash sales we ended up in Turin for a glorious long weekend this October. To my surprise, it wasn't the cold and blustery Winter Olympic city I was expecting, where I needed to wear thick fluffy coats and oversized scarves - I wore a denim... Continue Reading →

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