“Ooh I love her shoes!”

Five words that just made my day. That just made wearing these heels all day worth it. That just made my decision not to change into flats for the dinner date I have this evening, a good one.
Five words that have encouraged me to make this my very first blog post. I’ve been umming and ahhing for weeks over what should be “The First Post”, re-reading the first posts from my favourite bloggers in the hope that an inspirational idea will come to me. But here, one simple comment that epitomised exactly what I wanted this blog to be about was thrust upon me unsuspecting.

Everywhere I go I acknowledge and admire the everyday person’s choices; I wonder why they picked that dress that day, chose that type of apple over another, what book they might be reading on their kindle. We live in a world driven by consumer choices, yet we are led by trends and themes provided to us by designers, supermarkets, fitness gurus, influential people in every sector and our unknowing peers.

So let me introduce you to all the really good stuff you’ll find here from this day on: fashion from the street to couture, delicious food finds and recipes, lifestyle tips and, of course, sustainability across the spectrum.



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