Sustainability Sunday #29

4 reasons why you should get off your a$$ and walk! 

Walking is the most natural and convenient form of transport and yet one we often forget when planning how to get from one place to another. Living in a city, like me, you often plan which train/tube/bus you need to get yourself to work every day, or the bar on a Friday night but actually the distance from one side of central London to the other is only about 10 miles (Hammersmith to Bow) so it’s not unreasonable to walk even a third of the way if you have the time. TFL actually have a “walking map” which tells you the time/distance equivalent between tube stops. 

This Friday, April 7th, marks the annual “walk to work” day so you should give it a go, and here’s 4 good reasons why:

1. It’s good for you! 

Walking for one mile burns up around 100 calories. Although it’s a gentle form of exercise, doing a little every day keeps your blood pressure low, reduces body fat and enhances your mental wellbeing (that extra half hour outside really helps!). 

2. Reducing your carbon footprint 

Whilst public transport is used by many, reducing the use of cars and taxis, and reducing the demand for buses and trains has the end result of significantly reduced emissions. 

3. It reconnects us with the environment 

Often when travelling to work, or heading to a particular destination our mind is on the day ahead, yesterday, tomorrow, your shopping list or what that one annoying person at work said to you this week. We very rarely actually think about the here and now whilst on our travels but when getting out and walking you can’t help but be more aware of your surroundings which is great for your mental health; taking in a little of the activity and life of your environment helps you appreciate the things you usually miss. 

4. Choosing better food 

Typically, someone who has worked out is more likely to choose something healthier to eat afterwards than bingeing on junk foods. Therefore, choosing healthy fresh produce over packaged up junky foods means that we’ve got less of a food-print too! 


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