Sustainability Sunday #12

Sustainable Sunday sustenance, where to go?
Growing up Sundays were about waking up to Dad-music, playing in the garden, baths before bed and glorious full roast dinners that steamed up the kitchen windows.

Since moving out about 9 months ago I’ve had a total of about 4 home-cooked roast dinners of my own and the inclination is to head out to a cosy pub where someone else can make it for me rather than doing all the prep AND washing up myself.

But with pubs galore all over London, how else to narrow your choice down other than by which ones are the most sustainable? 😀

North: The Duchess of Kent, Islington 

This is your classic cosy gastropub, perfect for a late Sunday lunch, board games over red wine and watching afternoon sport on Sky.

The food here is pretty tasty, especially for the price, and they lay out all their sustainability initiatives and supplier details on the back of the menus, so you can find out exactly where what you’re eating came from should you want to.

Choose: The pork and leek sausages with mash and onion marmalade in red wine sauce (more Sunday dinner than Sunday roast, but you won’t be dissatisfied).

South: Lamberts, Balham

Lamberts doesn’t look like your typical pub outside or in (think neat symmetrical furniture and pre-laid tables – so south London) but its family friendly atmosphere and Sunday comfort vibe give you the cosiness you want for enjoying a roast dinner.

The best part? All their ingredients are seasonal and British and all their meat and fish is sourced from ethical farms or fisheries.

Choose: Rare roasted Angus rump, roast potatoes, courgettes, carrots and Yorkshire pud.

East: The Old Fountain, Shoreditch

I highlight The Old Fountain more for the credentials of its beer than its food, although the food is pretty tasty pub grub too. The beer served here really celebrates London’s creations (Camden Town, Five Point and Partizan amongst others) but also serves other British beers so you can try out something regional such as Cornish Habour or Red Willow from Macclesfield.

By serving British beers the Old Fountain opens you up to considering more local products which in turn supports (often small) British companies and reduces the impacts of international product distribution.

Choose: Pork and cider sausages or pork belly roast.

West (kinda): The Truscott Arms, Maida Hill

An independently owned, five-storey Victorian pub, The Truscott Arms is well worth heading in a different direction for.
These guys use the finest British seasonal ingredients in the restaurant AND the bar through a network of local, sustainable suppliers.

They promote good healthy food for customers and minimise the local environmental impact of their operations – earning them the Three Star Sustainability Champion Award. There’s also gluten-free and dairy-free options for all roasts, a winner for those deprived by diet restrictions.

Choose: Free-range English rare breed pork with mustard sauce.


The Duke of Cambridge in Angel & Islington is also a sustainability winner.

They have a careful fish buying policy, were the first UK restaurant to have their policy approved by the Marine Stewardship Council in 2001 and are the first and only gastropub certified by the Soil Association.

Choose: Fish & chips (obviously).

No excuses now folks, wherever you are in London, find a sustainable pub, eat some grub and tell everyone about it!


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