Hello 2016 

Happy New Year!

2016 is upon us, we have spent all our money, eaten ALL the cheese and seen so many James Bond repeats on telly that our eyes have gone square.

Right about now everyone is almost clear of a NYE hangover and thinking about the year ahead; it’s time for the classic short-lived New Year’s Resolutions, of which I will not be making any. This year I’m setting goals instead:

1. Do more of the creative things I love: sewing, reading and photography. 

2. Eat fresher, healthier food: buy local, seasonal produce and trying new recipes.

3. Live more sustainably: meat-free meals, more walking and shorter showers (maybe). 
So to kick off all this good behvaiour, how about pub dinner?!

New Year’s Day always feels like a slightly fuzzy in-betweeny kind of day, a snoozy morning after the night before, a late breakfast, a walk if you’re lucky and a cosy dinner.

Yesterday was exactly as predicted and to end our first day of the New Year, Tristan and I took the recommendation of a friend and went to The Dove pub on the river near Hammersmith. A Waterside pub where Charles II and Nell Gwynne apparently once dined, with the smallest bar room in the world. They serve classic pub food, hearty, warming and delicious. Definitely have the sausage and mash…


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