Sustainability Sunday #85

THOUGHT IS THE NEW RELIGION This week marked the beginning of London Fashion Week, one of two weeks in the year that brings an infectious chaos to the city for fashion lovers. Showcasing their Spring/Summer designs, brands work for weeks in advance to prepare for one short half hour show, but which ones are doing... Continue Reading →


Sustainability Sunday #84

It seems over the last few months that some form of small miracle has occurred - people outside of the category labelled "environmental nerd" have started talking about plastic. And doing something about it. However, the problem is still VERY MUCH THERE. Just last week I went to a large supermarket to stock up on... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #83

What is Wimbledon saying? In the recent frenzy around the football World Cup another of Britain's greatest sporting events has been somewhat overshadowed. I'm not gonna lie, I'm even less interested in tennis than I am in football but this year Wimbledon has sparked a different interest in me. In May, the All England Club... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #82

Shampoo Kubes: A sustainable switch. Have you ever been to one of those big Boots stores, or Superdrug, or even a big supermarket where there’s a whole aisle dedicated to shampoos and conditioners? Have you ever stopped to try and count just how many there are, in that one store you’re in, on display – not... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #81

India is a beautiful country. Between the enormous sprawling cities are landscapes in which as far as the eye can see is just green green fields, but should you be anywhere near a city you’ll see the difference between the rural and the urban is stark. The sheer number of people living in India’s cities... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #80

GIN GIN GIN Did you know that yesterday was the 10th anniversary of World Gin Day? Mmm gin. A remarkable substance that blends with many an ingredient to form the most delicious concoctions, but are we sipping it sustainably? Drinking sustainably doesn't mean that you have to source all your own natural ingredients and brew... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #79

Green your kitchen basics in 4 easy ways Last week we moved into a new house. After 3 years in the dreamiest little flat in Hammersmith I'm now just a mile away in Wandsworth but in those 3 years I've learnt a lot more about sustainable living so I'm pretty excited to have an almost... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #78

Organic Beauty: a few tips.We have reached the end of Organic Beauty Week, a celebration of true organic beauty products championed by The Soil Association so that you can find out what your products are really made of. As consumers we are more health and beauty conscious than before, but with this we’re more sustainably... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #77

ANYONE can learn about sustainability I studied Environmental Science at university, and even went on to complete a Masters in Environmental Management and this is where I learnt a lot about sustainability, the environment and the importance of protecting the planet. I knew that it was important before this, but understanding the horrific impacts of... Continue Reading →

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