Sustainability Sunday #90

Single-use pumpkins: don’t make your Jack O’Lantern a one-night wonder this Halloween.


Sustainability Sunday #89

Autumn, trees and science. I studied Environmental Science at University, which included a hella lot about trees but recently, I have been reading a book about trees and never have I learned so much about trees as I have from this book. The Hidden Life of Trees is written by Peter Wohlleben who is a... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #87

HOORAY FOR ORGANIC SEPTEMBER Organic September is a month-long campaign which aims to raise awareness of Organic products, and the brands, producers and farmers who bring them to us. My favourite fact of this year: there is 50% more wildlife on organic farms! Bees, butterflies, birds, mice, frogs, foxes, badgers... For 2018 the Soil Association's campaign... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #85

THOUGHT IS THE NEW RELIGION This week marked the beginning of London Fashion Week, one of two weeks in the year that brings an infectious chaos to the city for fashion lovers. Showcasing their Spring/Summer designs, brands work for weeks in advance to prepare for one short half hour show, but which ones are doing... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #84

It seems over the last few months that some form of small miracle has occurred - people outside of the category labelled "environmental nerd" have started talking about plastic. And doing something about it. However, the problem is still VERY MUCH THERE. Just last week I went to a large supermarket to stock up on... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #83

What is Wimbledon saying? In the recent frenzy around the football World Cup another of Britain's greatest sporting events has been somewhat overshadowed. I'm not gonna lie, I'm even less interested in tennis than I am in football but this year Wimbledon has sparked a different interest in me. In May, the All England Club... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Sunday #82

Shampoo Kubes: A sustainable switch. Have you ever been to one of those big Boots stores, or Superdrug, or even a big supermarket where there’s a whole aisle dedicated to shampoos and conditioners? Have you ever stopped to try and count just how many there are, in that one store you’re in, on display – not... Continue Reading →

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